Updated July 3rd 2013 

Welcome to our site.  Fox Hollow Farm is owned by the Pikal family.  We raise and show  quality Poultry and Holland Lop Rabbits.  We have Call ducks in several varieties, Black East Indie ducks, Seramas, Black Blue and Splash Silkies and my daughters project, Modern Game Bantams in Brown Red, BBRed, Birchen and Silver  Blue.  For Pigeons we have German Beauty Homers, Frillbacks and a few Czech Ice Pouters, Horseman Thief Pouters and Gaditano Pouters. 

Despite  late spring 2013 is looking good.  Bantams are having a great hatch and call ducks are laying well.  We have hatching eggs available in some bantams.  Call ducklings will be available in July. 

2012 is off to a great start!  We had Champion Serama at the MN State Fair!  Champion Pullet at the Table top show in Birch Run MI and Reserve Variety with a gold lace cockerel for the in cage judging!  MI was also the call duck nationals1  We showed our aztec blue calls for the first time as we had some nice birds hatch this summer!  Had Champion Apricot Silver and Emily showed her chocolates and had champion chocolate and champion chocolate bib! emily also had Reserve Champion Modern game!

The MN State show was Oct 27th and Emily had Champion Featherleg with a white Silkie pullet.  We had Champion Serama and will post pictures soon.

Next is the Ohio National for the SCNA National!

The Ohio National was a great time as always!  

We are also involved in starting up a new Serama club and hope to bring Table Top judging closer to home!  Check out the site at www.midwestserama.com


 2011 SCNA Nationals in Crossroads Indiana

We are very proud of our Serama and came home with Champion Cockerel,from the table top judging and Champion and Reserve Champion Silkied Serama!  We also did very well with the regular judging and out of the 4 cockerels we brought we placed 2nd 3rd and 5th!  Our lone hen we entered was 6th place.\

Below are photos of Zanzibar the 2011 National champion Cockerel and our National Champion Silkied Cockerel being judged on the table.

See the Nationals 2011 page for more photos!

2011 was a great year for us at the shows! In addition to our Serama wins..

We won reserve champion bantam duck with a Black East Indie at the Minnesota State Fair!  Emily won reserve Champion Bantam at the Jr Show at the MN State Poultry Association show.  

At the MN State Pigeon Show we won Champion Gaditano Pouter and Champion Czech Ice Pouter!


 Tom & Marilyn Pikal