We raise Call ducks in a variety of colors!  We have Whites, Butterscotch,Gray, Apricot Silver, Snowy, Khaki, and Silver Appleyard.  

We strive to produce birds that are competitive at APA/ABA Poultry shows and have had National champion Khakis, and Apricot Silver calls!

We are very excited about our 2012 breeding season!  We start hatching in April and will have young birds available by June.  If you are looking for a specific color drop us and e-mail and we can let you know what we have available. 

I will not be selling hatching eggs in 2012 as call duck eggs are extremely difficult to hatch and you must have your incubator set correctly.  In addition call eggs do not seem to handle shipping well and many are destroyed by the Post Office in transit.

Gray Calls

Gray is the color of the wild Mallard duck.  It is one of the oldest varieties along with white and the quality in Grays is very good.  Baby Gray calls are black with yellow chipmunk stripes.

 Blue Fawn

This is a Gray bird with one blue gene.  The Drake has a slate blue head and Gray speculum(Wing Patch).The hen is a tan color with blue penciling and also has a gray speculum. If you breed two Blue fawns together you will get half blue fawn, 25% Gray and 25% Pastel.


A pastel is a gray pattern bird with two blue genes.  The hens are much lighter then the Blue Fawn hens and the drakes head is a silver blue not a dark slate blue. We have some super pastels for 2012!


Nutmegs are a gray pattern bird with a brown gene.  The drake has a seal brown head and a bronze speculum.  The hen is brown with darker brown penciling and has eye stripes.

White Calls

White calls are also very popular at shows.  I would say they do the most winning because there are no patterns to worry about when breeding them.  You will find many breeders working with whites that have excellent type!  We got out start from Charlie Hodum and have some nice birds in our 2012 breeder pens!

Snowy Calls

Snowy Calls are very pretty with a frosted body pattern.  The drake has the green head and the hen's head is a buff color.  Wing patches should be iridescent blue. They are a gray bird with the pattern modified by an "dusky" gene.

We added some nice calls from Betsy Chrystal for 2012 and hope to have a great hatch!

Ducklings are yellow with black shading on the head.

 Apricot Silver

This is a beautiful variety not often seen.  They are a snowy pattern bird with two blue genes.  The hen is an apricot color frosted with white and has an apricot head.  The drake has a silver blue head and wing patch and a frosted claret bib and side pockets.

Our Apricot Silvers are excellent quality and we have the 2009 National and reserve Champions!

Silver Appleyard Calls

Another beautiful variety not often seen.  The drake is similar to a snowy but a mature drake will have white markings on his face.  The hen is a light tan with black patterns and white eye stripes.  Both sexes have an iridescent blue speculum.

We have one pen of our original line and two hens in with a nice drake from Dennis Fuller of Wapsipinicon Waterfowl!

Butterscotch Calls

This is the appleyard pattern with the double blue dilution.  The drake is very similar to the Apricot Silver but when mature has white facial markings.  The hens are a beautiful rust to butterscotch color with white face markings.


A dusky call is a gray without a claret bib.  The speculum is a dark gray.  The hen is darker then a gray hen and also has a dark speculum.  She does not have eye stripes.


Khaki Calls

Khaki's are dusky birds with the addition of the brown gene.  The drake has a seal brown head and a khaki colored body.  The hen is brown with darker brown penciling and does not have eye stripes.

Ducklings are a brownish color with yellow bellies.

Our Khaki drake was the 2009 National Champion.  

Aztec Blue Calls

These are the same color as a Silver Mallard.  I started out with some small Silver mallards and have been crossing them with the grays to get better call duck type.

The hen is a pewter gray color with darker gray penciling and eye stripes.  The drake is a washed out gray.

Black & Blue Bibs


Black East Indies

A beautiful black bantam breed separate from calls.  They should have a bright green sheen to them.  There are several breeders in the US with excellent quality black East Indie Ducks.

We have been doing increasingly well with our BEI and won Reserve Champion bantam Duck at the MN State Fair with a young BEI in 2011.

2012 Price List - BreederQuality

Grays $50 - pair

Whites $ $75 - pair

Butterscotch $75 - pair

Snowy $50- pair

Khaki $75 - pair

Appleyard $100 - pair

Apricot Silver  $100 - pair

Black & Blue Bib $50 - pair

Black East Indie $75 - pair

All varieties Pet Quality  $25 for Pairs.  I do not sell extra hens as single drakes are difficult to sell by themselves.

These prices are for 2012 hatch young birds. Pet quality birds typically have longer bills, are slightly larger or have slight mis-colorations.

Breeder quality birds are those that have shorter bills and could possibly mature to have show potential.  Everyone has different expectations of what a show bird is, and for this reason I do not sell or guarantee them to be show quality.